Bellows, as boots, are used as protection to preserve both stationary objects and objects with moving parts.
This products have many applications. They can be used as protection of pneumatic and automatic cylinders, homo-kinetic joints and steering gaiters, feeding screws, limits, cables and pipes.


Our catalogue lists  numerous articles regarding different shapes and sizes, most of which are already existing and available to consumers.

The reason to choose Robustelli

Our experience in various sectors  with our careful selection of raw materials, allows us to produce high quality and durable bellows and boots. We can guarantee the selection of the most appropriate compound, considering specific characteristics relevant both for the producer and for the costumers.  We normally use different kinds of compounds as CR, NBR, NR, EPDM, VAMAC, EPICHLORHYDRIN and much more.

Uses and types of bellows

We use mostly EPDM compound if the bellow is consistently exposed to challenging weather conditions. EPDM guarantees an excellent resistance to the atmospheric agents, aging agents, repetitive structural manipulation. In addition, the product has a good resistance to mechanical stress.
When the bellow is exposed to regular contact with oils and fats, we primarily utilise the NBR and CR compound.

Obviusly, we are capable to produce customisable products following customer's request throug the realisation of a new mould.

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