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Rubber bellows and boots

The rubber bellows, as well as boots, are typically used as protections aimed at preserving moving or fixed organs. The fields of application of rubber bellows are the most varied: they can be used as protection for pneumatic cylinders, hydraulic cylinders, constant velocity and transmission joints, worm screws, limit switches, cable passage, air passage etc.

Custom molded rubber parts

Over the years, in addition to the production of standard parts for the most varied sectors (automotive, motorcycle, railway, nautical, construction, industrial in general) we have turned to a more diverse type of clientele to offer our professionalism in the offer of details designed according to the customer’s specific needs

Vintage car spare parts

Lately we have started to operate in the vintage car spare parts market, in particular for the Lancia, Ferrari and Maserati brands offering spare parts in rubber and rubber / metal: support kit for frame, engine and gearbox rubber, half-axle headphones, headphones gear shift lever, leaf spring supports, air sleeves, anti-vibration mounts, gaskets, tie rods mufflers, bumpers, various items