1. Automotive

Robustelli S.r.l. produces a big range of rubber products for the Automotive industry.
Over the years, the Company Robustelli S.r.l. has specialized mostly in the supply of c.v joint boots, steering gaiter, muffler mount, ball joint cover, dust protector, air intake sleeve, engine mounts and seals for brake pumps.
Robustelli’s products are used as original equipment in new cars and as spare parts in the after-market.
In this area the focus on quality must be maximum. Contact with oil, gasoline, fuels, lubricants in general or with any other aggressive substance, or a working environment with high or low temperatures, are factors of paramount importance in the choice of the material used.
For this reason, Robustelli S.r.l. uses only high-quality compounds with high quality standards with physical-mechanical characteristics suitable for the application that the product will have.

2. Industrial machinery

Robustelli S.r.l. produces rubber items for the myriad types of industrial machinery, such as:

  • Machinery for the processing of marble and ceramics;
  • Machines for shaping and finishing metals;
  • Textile machines;
  • Manipulative machines
  • Sandblasting Machines;
  • CNC cutters and turns;
  • Machines for pastry chefs;
  • Packing and packaging machines;
  • Footwear machines;
  • Etc.

3. Nautical

Robustelli S.r.l. is also active in the shipping and recreational boating industries. We serve some of the most important companies in the industry with our rubber parts, which are mostly used in the maintenance of boats and marine engines.
The main items of our production for nautical are seals, bellows, caps, anti-vibrating, rubber pads, elastic joints and etc

4. Earth-moving machinery and agricultural machinery

Our items are also used in the field of earthmoving machines and agricultural machinery.
For several years, Robustelli S.r.l. has been serving some important companies specializing in the parts of these types of machinery.
Among the main items provided are seals, rubber sprays, rubber rods, rubber fairleads for flexible cables, joystick bellows, etc.

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5. Marble and ceramic Machineries

Robustelli S.r.l. also supplies products for the marble and ceramic processing industry.
We serve leading companies in Italy that produce machinery and tools for the processing of marble and ceramics.
In fact, the machinery used in this sector is characterized by having numerous moving components to protect from dust, water, debris and so on. For this reason, rubber details of different nature are widely used.

6. Parts for small and large appliances:

Robustelli S.r.l. also specializes in the production of items that are used in the household appliances sector, from industrial washing machines to coffee machines and vacuum cleaners.
Products such as caps, membranes, seals, water passage pipes, bushings, fasteners are typically supplied by Robustelli S.r.l. to Italian and foreign customers.

6. Other Sectors

Our products are also intended for multiple other sectors and find applications that are increasingly taking hold, such as seismic equipment and photovoltaic systems.

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