Custom molded rubber parts

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In addition to the standard products for many different sectors (automotive, railway, nautical, building, ed industrial) we turned to a new client base in order. We are now offering customisable products based on the customer’s drawing, as:


Fairleads and grommets are mostly used to protect wire …

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… that has to pass through a sheet metal or plastic shell. In this way, wires are isolated from the cutting edge, from vibrations, and from shocks that could damage them. At the same time, the grommet seals the hole giving a better support and a better aesthetic functional effect. (for example, protection from rain, dust and atmospheric agents)
These parts can be also used for flexible cables as limit switch, centring device, terminal and buffer.

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Download Fairleads for flexible cables


Rubber seals are key elements to compensate …

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… for irregularities of the support areas, to reduce the effects of flatness defects on surfaces, to avoid a reduction in seal over time or to extend the contact surfaces between the elements. Given the great versatility of this product, it is often necessary to use rubber-designed seals when the standard ones are not sufficient to meet the needs of each customer.


Buffer and Supports are elements that cushion vibrations …

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… moving mass such as a working machine.
They can be produced in various forms, materials depending on the needs of the customer.


Rubber to metal bonding is a production …

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… that provides vulcanisation of rubber on a metal part previously processed.
Metal Rubber Parts have many applications and are used in many different sectors as mechanical, nautical and traction.


The rubber bumpers or shock absorbers, also called rubber feet are …

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… composed of a rubber part vulcanized directly to a metal part,
These parts can be used also as a stopper with a damper function
Rubber shock absorber can be produced in different shapes, dimension and hardness.


The rubber sleeves are used to connect two ends …

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… from which air or a liquid (fuel, oil, etc.) must pass through. Rubber sleeves are usually used in agricultural engines, earthmoving machines, industrial engines in general and marine engines. The sleeves can be straight or shaped according to the specific needs of the customer.


Rubber Wheels find application in many sectors …

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… and can be used as supporting wheels or as components of conveyor belt or timing belt.


The range of items made is very wide and includes among others: …

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… Rubber membranes with textile or metal inserts for pumps, transmission joints, caps, O-Ring, diverter tubes, pipes, suction-cups, bellows, boots, rubber feet, impellers, handles, plates, protection cap, bellows and many more.

We choose the best compound for our products, based on the characteristic of each item and also on the atmospheric agents the product will be exposed.
Robustelli uses a variety of compounds with different characteristics and multiple potential use. The types of compounds normally used are; CR (Neoprene), NBR (Nitrile), NATURALE, EPDM, VAMAC, EPICLORIDRINA. We are also able to obtain different kind of compounds with features adapted to the client’s request.
The constant cooperation with different manufactures, specialised on the production of moulds, allow us to offer to all our clients custom made moulds.
We are proud of our products and moulds, because they meet the customer requirements and also gives us the opportunity to produce more efficiently by limiting waste and keeping the price down.

Basing on your requests, we will be able to quote the mould and the product.